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We are not drug addicts, Wisky is a drug harder than catha

Dr David Nutt and the Independent Scientific Committe on Durgs

Any rational person knows that Dr David Nutt is doing a good job in the field of drugs science. His research are objectives and follows a sound scientific approach. I have read lots of researches about khat from various bodies and scientists to only find that the work of Dr David is the most valid.

Some scientists will do anything to gain financially and that includes shadowing politicians and providing the scientific arguments to please who pays rather than tackle a real scientific problems.


Khat e petition

There is a new e-petition created by Joseph Harley on Please sign it now. I thank Joseph for his effort in this issue.


hypocritical Tresa

She has banned Khat the less dangerous drug while herself is a consumer of a harder drug. Enjoy your alcoholic drug hypocrite May. A photo worth a thousand words.

Comparing khat to other drugs the non biased approach

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This section of the website will be conducted to form a study around khat and other drugs in terms of relation, effects, implications, health, societal, law enforcement and many elements considered comparable. The aim is to get a clear picture of the classification methods used in the west and united nations that determine the classification of the drugs.

Please Don't Ask About Buying Khat Because We Don't Sell It Any More

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  • Khat is getting banned very shortly, we encourage you to make your voice heard if you are against the ban.
  • This site no longer sells or promotes the sale of khat, it is now going to be operating under the new law even if it is unreasonable

Don't ban khat.

You can use it for party time, nice sexy night in, study or work for long hours, to have fun and meet your mates. The choice is totally yours. Are you first timer? May be you don't know it or perhaps curiosity then give it a go if you are over 18 years of age.

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